It’s simple when you have the right building blocks. We provide all manner of consulting, training and support services from A to Z.

A Make Compliance SimpleAssessment & Risk Analysis

The first step in any of our services includes a full assessment of your compliance readiness by performing a risk analysis and identify how to strengthen your business protocols. In this way we help you  be audit-ready whether you’ve received a Labor Board notice or it’s before, during or after an inspection from Federal and Cal/OSHA, HIPAA, Health Care Department or the California Dental or Medical Board.

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B Make Compliance SimpleBusiness Compliant Manuals & Trainings

Why reinvent the wheel each time you hire a new employee and train them? We translate your business processes into standard templates and checklists, compiling them into a manual that will make things simple for you and your employees,  and keep your business protected and within the law.

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C Make Compliance SimpleCustomized Solutions

When conflicts arise in the workplace, you need a trusted adviser to provide perspective, timely advice and confidentiality. We offer you expert solutions tailor made to your situation, including conflict resolution, employee review processes, background and drug testing, and incorporation services.

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